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Jun 2021

Sox in Critical Care

This beautiful 8-month-old pup in critical care at Blue Pearl Cedar Rapids after near asphyxiation on a tie out. 

Little Sox struggling to breathe, Dr. McCormick of Blue Pearl said this was the worst case she had ever seen. His lungs were filled with fluid because of the injury and his oxygen saturation was in the 70% range - normal is in the upper 90’s. It was touch and go.

On Thursday, April 1, 2021, at approximately 8:30 a.m. Critter Crusaders, a local rescue group in Cedar Rapids, received a phone call from a concerned individual who was in possession of an injured 12-week-old male Golden Retriever. The caller said that they had taken possession of the puppy after it was allegedly body slammed to the floor and kicked across a room.

Sep 2021

Snow's Story

Snow was surrender to Cedar Rapids Animal Care and Control after being struck by a vehicle in mid-August.  The following message was put out to area animal rescues:

“CRACC needs placement for this dog needing medical. Her name is Snow - 1 year old terrier mix, owner surrender - hit by car in mid-August and has a hip luxation diagnosed at Blue Pearl CR that hasn't received follow up care. They recommend a closed reduction that has a 50% success rate.  If that doesn't work, she may need FHO surgery. Owner surrendered her last night to CRACC.”

Clearly too thin, CRACC hoped a foster home would step forward to help. Luckily, Hero’s Haven Animal Rescue offered to help, and her medical care case was assumed by Critter Crusaders

In February, FHFF received a grant application from a local rescue, Fur Fun Rescue, entitled “Helping Faith Run Again”.  A black lab mix named Faith had been rescued from the Cedar Rapids Animal Care & Control shelter in late October of 2021.  Both of her rear legs had cranial (or anterior) cruciate ligament ruptures to the knee joint.  

Thor was surrendered to Cedar Rapids Animal Care and Control in June of 2023 after his owner suddenly passed away and the family was unable to find a new home for him. During a routine veterinary exam, it was discovered that Thor had a cruciate ligament tear. Knowing this CCL injury could limit his future mobility and adoptability Critter Crusaders immediately stepped in to provide medical support for Thor.